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Datacenter 19" rack mounted load banks

The Hillstone range of load banks provide the complete solution for datacentre load testing and commisioning.

Our specialised team offers load banks of 19" rack mount type or traditional portable type to allow Integrated System Tesing ( IST ) to be actioned prior to deployment of IT equipment in the data hall.

We can also offer independant commisioning and testing of the data hall with full reporting of all environmental parameters of the mechanical & electrical systems.

At the end of a server room installation it is recomended that a comprehensive IST programme is preformed to verify the commissioning of the cooling ( mechanical ) and power ( electrical ) systems and that these systems are fully working together successfully.

The risk of performing such testing on live equipment is a huge financial risk, so the logical option is the perform the IST prior to deployment of the critical IT equipment.

Independant IST load banks

The use of load banks will ensure the HVAC equipment will provide the correct cooling and the electrical supply and back-up systems will delvier the required power.

From the Hillstone range of load banks we can provide equipment to meet the varying requirements of every datacentre.

The 6KW 4U 19" rack mounted server simulator HAC230-6RM and the 20KW mini tower HTM-20 have been developed for one of Europe's leading colocation data providers to be the ultimate flexible solution for Intregrated System Testing.

Our rental fleet now holds over 3000KW of available load from mini towers or rack mounted loads.

IST testing with load banks

When the IST requirement is prior to the installation of racks or the containment pods and the data hall is empty then we can offer a portable mini tower solution.

The use of the HMT20 mini-towers, which incorporates 3 x HAC230-6RM 19" rack modules, will allow IST testing prior to installation of the rack or containment pods in a data hall.

Each mini tower can be used to test either 3 phase or single phase supplies and as they are free standing portable stacks the mini towers can be spread across the room to give a uniformed heat dissipation.

The mini towers can also be connected to a temporary PDU to allow a single point of connection to the rooms PDU units.

For IST requirements in a data hall with installed racks or containment pods, individual 19" rack mounted HAC230-6RM modules can be fitted to give full heat & power server simulation.

The HAC230-6RM units are designed to provide 3 independent 2KW loads, which are selectable in 1KW steps.
Each load is connected with a C19 - C20 IEC power cord, thus allowing direct connection to the PDU in the rack.

Should the testing commence before the rack has been fitted with a PDU the HAC230-6RM can be supplied with a dedicated cables to allow connection to either a single phase or 3 phase commando socket.

The flexibility of the HAC230-6RM ensures that regardless of the data hall design this load bank will meet the IST requirements

Further information on IST load testing is available on the following online presentation and within our web blog site

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