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BattLife Battery Maintenance

BattLife Battery Maintenance

What does BattLife do?

Vendor Neutral Battery Maintenance Software Tool

Log visual inspections - NERC

Log Impedance & Conductance results

SG Readings

Discharge Capacity & Autonomy Testing

Why do I need BattLife?

Simplifies Battery Maintenance Reporting

Delivers comparative historical analyisis

State of Health ( SOH )

State of Charge ( SOC )

End of life predictions

What are BattLife key features ?

Manage UPS & Battery Assets with Site Manager

Planned Maintenance with Battery Manager

Storage of V, I, A/Hr, oC with Test Manager

Report Manager


BattLife - Instant ROI

Protects CAPEX battery investment

Increases efficiency of battery maintenance

Forecast planning of CAPEX budgets

BattLife is a new subcription based Battery Maintenance Software App for Lead Acid & Ni-cad batteries, chargers & UPS Systems.

BattLife will combine all aspects of preventative maintenance with historical data analysis to deliver advanced SOH and End of Life timelines, thus maximisng end of life and the CAPEX ROI.